QA pro2 zonder accoires

The pulling device QA Pro 2 allows complete door opening in less than 20 seconds! This makes it the perfect pulling tool for authorities and rescue forces worldwide, since it guarantees a safe, fault-tolerant and simple handling.


QA Pro 2 is hooked on the special pull screw which is screwed in the cylinder. Just a slight lever movement is necessary to break the cylinder. The QA Pro 2 protection jaws avoid scratches on the door surface or on the fitting.

All sizes of our special pull screws fit with the QA Pro 2. The QA Pro 2 is a quality tool from Germany, which has been constructed for a lifetime application in the professional environment. Since the tool works almost maintenance and wear-free, it is predestined for applications with authorities and rescue forces.


  • Length (maxi. stretched): 455 mmLength (max. bent): 385 mm
  • Tube height: 30 mm
  • Tube width: 20 mm
  • Clamping height: 40 mm
  • Clamping width: 20 mm
  • Weight: approx. 2.2 kg
250,00 € 300,00 €
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